Friday, August 10, 2012

Shake your body - T-Bone

Blazing Mics- T Bone

T bone Bounce

T Bone- Welcome 2 California

Canton Jones feat. P Dub Bizzle - In Da Club Remix

T-Bone - Follow T

T-Bone Let That Thang Go

Lavyss Aka Bizzle

SUMBIT A DONATION @ AND YOUR COPY WILL BE SENT TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS PROVIDED. GOD BLESS!!! Following the overwhelming success of his first mixtape "The Messenger," Bizzle is set to release his highly anticipated sophmore mixtape "The Messenger 2:Delivered" on Tuesday, June 15th. "The Messenger 2" features fellow Christian artsists , Pretty Willie aka P-Dub, Sevin, KAMbino, D-Maub, and Lavoisier. Along with the release of the new mixtape, Bizzle will be launching his offcial website where fans can download music and view inspirational blogs and content. Look for more to come from Bizzle this summer, including music, videos, interviews and tour dates.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Lecrae-Church Clothes-Mixtape Now Available

Free Download: Lecrae’s Mixtape “Church Clothes”

Lecrae delivers his latest mixtape, Church Clothes, featuring a slew of collaborators. TheDJ Cannon-hosted effort, released Thursday (May 10), welcomes MCs like No Malice — formerly Malice of the Clipse – producers Boi-1da (“Gimme a Second”) and 9th Wonder(“Long Time Coming”), among others.
No Malice kicks off “Darkest Hour” with a verse that explores his past involved with drugs. “Lord have mercy and pity on your son/ From what I once was to what I have become/ Forgive me for my past and the noses left numb/ As I’m lead down this path to the beat of a different drum/ Fee fi fo fum, I’m conquering my giants/ And all by my lonesome I’m conquering Goliath,” the former Clipse member rhymes.
Lecrae delivers solid lines on the track, all why questioning “gangstas.” “I spazzed on the pharaoh/ The pathway is narrow/ Eye of the bull on my back, looking for an arrow/ Lying like I wasn’t tempted by that double barrel/ If gangstas don’t dance why you tapping with the devil,” he raps.
Lecrae will begin work on his fifth album, Gravity, this summer as well as preparing for the Unashamed Tour.Check the Church Clothes tracklist below.
1. “Co-Sign”
2. “APB” feat. Thi’sl
3. “Church Clothes”
4. “Cold World” feat. Tasha Catour
5. “Welcome to H-Town” feat. Tedashii & Dre Murray
6. “Inspiration”
7. “Rise”
8. “Darkest Hour” feat. No Malice
9. “Black Rose”
10. “The Price of Life” feat. Andy Mineo & Co Campbell
11. “Special” feat. Lester “L2″ Shaw
12. “No Regrets” feat. Suzy Rock
13. “Gimme a Second”
14. “Long Time Coming” feat. Swoope
15. “Misconception” feat. Propaganda, Braille, & Odd Thomas
16. “Spazz”
17. “Sacrifice”
18. “Rejects”

Thursday, February 9, 2012

free christian mixtapes

B Phraz - Pardon the Interuption Mixtape
B Phraze - Pardon the Interruption **NEW (4/25)**
B.Reith - The B.Reith EP
Bar Wars - Legends of the Ecclessia
Bar Wars - Legends of the Ecclessia Vol 2
Beatlab 7 - Music Meets Truth 2007
Beatlab 7 - Music Meets Truth 2008
Beatlab 7 Music - Meets Truth 2009
Beazy The Minista
Believin Stephen - The Perseverance Mixtape
Bible Thump Volume 2
Big Fil - 3AM Da Mixtape
Big Ran - It Was All A Dream
Blessed of the MidWest Mixtape Glory Music Group presents - Blessed of the Midwest Mixtape
Bless'ed's - The Pre-game Mixtape
Bliss - ThrowbackMixtape
Blood Bought Ent - Transformers Mixtape (The Day of the Nazarite)
Bloodshed Beatz - Campaign 4 Christ EP
Bloodshed Beatz - His Blood Shed for YOU! the mixtape
Bloodshed Beatz - The Outpour
Bloodshed Beatz - The Outpour (Red Album Remixes)
Bobby Blanco - Anointed Volume 1
Bootleg & Bsides Radio - B Sides Mixtape
Born Again - Cross Fire Mixtape
Braille - Box Of History
Brother IG - My Offering
BrotherHood - United We Stand
Bruh Mike - Christian Hip Hop (REWIND)
Bumps INF - Rock City Stand Down
Bumps INF - State Of Emergency 1.5
Bumps INF - The Good News
C L Ryderz - Dirty Killa Kali
C L Ryderz - Mixed but not Mastered
C Lite - Sin Is Wack Mixtape
C Moe - The iRep He Mixtape Vol.1
C Sick - Get Ready Mixtape Vol. 1
C-Knight - More than Music EP
C.L.O.K. - It's Time Mixtape
C.O.G. Tha Thrilla - Running Man Mixtape
Canton Jones - Stay Saved
Carnival - Fixtape
Celah - Big Money Jesus
Change - The Stimulus Plan
Changed Men - The Mixtape Compilation vol.1
Chase Flow Reality Rap Vol.2 Cut 2 The Chase
Chell - M.A.D. (Making a Difference Acapellas)
Chell - M.A.D. (Making a Difference)
Chell - The Truth About Life Mixtape
Chinko - Double Edge Sword
Chinko - Life Support Vol. 1
Chinko - N My Element (official)
Chinko - Tha Fine Print
Chinko - Tha Subpoena Mixtape Vol. 3
Chris Burge - The 3rd Ear Conspiracy
Christ F1rst - Polarized
Christ Life - The Christ Life Project
Christ Mobb Ministry - The Next Level
Christ Souljah - Future is Present
Christiano - Anointed Shogun
Christiano - Pray 4 Me
Christiano - Threat To The Game
Christina Faith - Rehab
Christ's MC (CMC) - Putting Christ in the Limelight
Chronicle - Its Time MixTape
Chrys Jones - No Name Mixtape
Chrys Jones -The Renewal
Church Boi - The Testiment Vol.1
City Slickas (Jenizez) - State of Emergency
CL Ryderz - Mixed Not Mastered
Company - The Rebirth Of Christian Hip Hop
Comunalien - Counique (mixed by Dj Nickels)
Concrete Angels
Conflict - Death Before Denial
Conviction (Soul Food)
Cook & Uno - The Overflow
CookBOOK - I Love The 80's
Corey Red - I Am Legend
Corey Red - Illest Rhymez U neva Heard
Corey Red and Precise - Street Prophecy Vol. 1
Corey Red and Precise - Street Prophecy Vol. 2
Corey Red and Precise - Street Prophecy Vol. 3
Covered By Da Blood - Love ya Lord
CSraight - The So Not Cool Remix Album
D Maub - The Unexpected **NEW (5/10)**
D-LO - Broken& Rebuilt mixtape
D.J. - The Great Escape Mixtape
D.O.X - Fire Vol. 1
D.O.X - Fire Vol. 2
D.O.X - Swordsmen vol. 1
D.O.X - Swordsmen vol. 2
D.O.X - The Begining Mixtape
D.O.X - The Begining Mixtape 2
D.O.X. - Transformed
D.O.X. - Worship
Da Chozen Da-Scyplez - He who has an ear
Da Fisherman - Takin it to the Streets Vol. 1
Da Regime - Church 2 Da Street Vol.2
Da Regime - On Da Grind Vol.1
Da Saints - Catharsis (Vol 1)
Da South Presents - The Election Mixtape
Dadeuce & Jaelife - Rap Moses & Aaron the Leader Mixtape
DaDeuce - The Substance Mixtape
Dae Lee - The Reason
Death2Self Records Present - Interlude Mixtape
DEDGE P - Da Free Mixtape
DEDGE P(Da Free Mixtape)
DeepRooted - DeepRooted EP
Deepspace5 - The Blueprint 3 Outtakes
Defender of the Art - No Limitations
Didymus - Take It By Force
Didymus - The Ruach Radio Mixtape Show
DJ 4 Real - The Possabilities Mixtape
Dj Arvell - Message 4 U Vol. 1
DJ Bruce O'Brien - Spiritual Gas Vol. 18
Dj Clutch - Conversation, Love, Plus
DJ D-Lite - Dasouth Mixology Volume 1
DJ Digital Josh - DMC DJ Breaks 1
DJ Digital Josh - E Pluribus Unum
DJ Digital Josh - The Master's Call
DJ DIZZNOC Presents NINE UP - Thiz Iz Why Im Cool
Dj Eklectic - Presents 20 Min Mix feat Excelsius & Dj 1 God
DJ Eklectic - The Come Up Mixtape
DJ Eklectic - What The Game's Been Missing
DJ Evangelist - Di Lime 2k8 Mixtape
DJ G Bless & OmoTayo - Iconoclast Vol 2 (Lean On the Rock With It)
DJ G Bless - The Christ Lives Mixtape
DJ G Bless - The Fellowship Vol 2
DJ G Bless Presents - Agape Mixtape Vol.1
DJ G Bless Presents - The Fellowship Vol 1
DJ Heat - Special Times with God
DJ Heir - Christ N Tha Club Vol. 1
DJ I Rock Jesus & 3HP Records - Presents Highway to Heaven
DJ I Rock Jesus & 3HP Records Present - Shoulda Seen It Comin
DJ I Rock Jesus & Heartmusic - Chronicles
DJ I Rock Jesus - Hard Body Vol. 1
DJ I Rock Jesus - Incredibeats Mixtape Vol. 1
DJ I Rock Jesus - Let's Get It In
DJ I Rock Jesus - Live Mix Show 2009 Pt.1
DJ I Rock Jesus - Live Mix Show 2009 Pt.2
Dj I Rock Jesus - Live Mix Show Shut It Down ( Hosted By Jesus Juice )
Dj I Rock Jesus - Presents Let The Record Drop
Dj I Rock Jesus - Presents The Live Mix Show 3 (Disc 1)
Dj I Rock Jesus - Presents The Live Mix Show 3 (Disc 2)
Dj I Rock Jesus - Smash Time ( Hosted By J Blaze )
Dj I Rock Jesus - Tha Daily Bread Mixtape
Dj I Rock Jesus Presents - Lethal Lyricists
Dj I Rock Jesus Presents - Straight Ministry Heat Hot Pic
DJ I Rock Jesus Presents - The Kingdom Affiiates Record Pool Spring 2010 Compilation Mixtape
DJ Jazzy J - 3HP Mega Mix Vol. 1
DJ Jesus Beats Presents - The Appetite For Urban Gospel Mixtape **NEW (5/4)**
DJ JesusBeats - FNL Mixtape Volume 01
DJ JesusBeats - FNL Mixtape Volume 02
DJ JesusBeats - FNL Mixtape Volume 03
DJ JesusBeats - FNL Mixtape Volume 04
DJ JesusBeats - FNL Mixtape Volume 05
DJ JesusBeats - FNL Mixtape Volume 06
DJ JesusBeats - FNL Mixtape Volume 07
DJ JesusBeats - FNL Mixtape Volume 08
DJ JesusBeats - FNL Mixtape Volume 09
DJ JesusBeats - FNL Mixtape Volume 10
DJ JLarge - Soul Grindin' Vol. I
DJ JLarge - Street Heat Vol.2
Dj Lace - The Positive Mixtape Series Volume 5
DJ Lace Positive Mixtape Vol. 7 **NEW (4/21)**
DJ Mickey - Shakedown Mix 1
DJ Mr.E Hype Session Mix-Tape Vol.2
DJ Mri - 60 Minutes of Afrobeats Mixtape
DJ Mri Presents - 60 Minutes of R&B Mixtape
DJ MRI presents - 60 Minutes of RAP Mixtape
DJ NLyTe - Ice In My Grill
DJ NLyTe - N'Stryde
DJ one3 - Welcome to the TEN
Dj Primo - Aint Riding Slow
DJ Primo - Mix Tribute To Juan James AKA -Enock
DJ Primo - Presents Ridin' Slow (Chopped & Screwed Mixtape)
DJ Primo - Presents The Best Reggaeton Mashups (Hosted By J-Blaze)
Dj Promote - Lost and Lonely (Mind Control Mix) **NEW (5/12)**
DJ Promote - Stick It In Your Ear Mixtape
Dj Rek - Presents Ruslan (of theBREAX) Right Out Loud
DJ Samsmite - Mixx 'N Match Vol 1
DJ Sean Blu & Milliyon - Communication 101 Mixtape
DJ Sean Blu & Scott Free - Thru The Fire Mixtape
DJ Sean Blu & Young Chozen (aka Blake Young) - Extra Credit Mixtape
DJ Sean Blu & Young Ray - Certified Edition 2.0
DJ Sean Blu & Young Ray - Sunday Best
DJ Sean Blu - All Pro mini mix
DJ Sean Blu - City Is Mine Mixtape
DJ Sean Blu - For President
DJ Sean Blu - Hip Hop Aint Dead
DJ Sean Blu - I need ya Vote
DJ Sean Blu - Iron Sharpens Iron vol.2
DJ Sean Blu - Ladies First Mixtape
DJ Sean Blu - Mini Series Episode 10
DJ Sean Blu - Mini Series Episode 11
DJ Sean Blu - Mini Series Episode 8
DJ Sean Blu - Mini Series Special Edition 3hp Mark Daniel
DJ Sean Blu - Sean Blu for President
DJ Sean Blu - Still UnHeard Of EP-MIX
DJ Sean Blu - The Classic Mixtape
DJ Sean Blu - The New Regime Mixtape
DJ Sean Blu - The ReIntroduction Mixtape
DJ Sean Blu - White Christmas Mini Mix
DJ Sean Blu Hosted by Pro - Hip-Hop Ain't Dead
DJ Sean Blue - Before Self Destruction
Dj Sean P - Costume Jewelry
DJ SeanBlu - 15 Min. Mix Appetizer **NEW (4/22)**
DJ Shine & Nuwine - The Legendary Nuwine
DJ Shine - GTA Vol. 1
DJ Smoke Dog - Christian RNB Flavor Vol. 1
DJ SMOKEDOG 360 Mixtape
DJ Soundwav - Gratitude
DJ Soundwav - Hardcasa
DJ Soundwav - Nocturnal Studio
DJ Soundwav - Ultra South Beach
DJ Triple Threat - No Limits
DJ Triple Threat - The Best Of DJ Triple Threat 2004-2009
DJ Vow & GTK Rixtape Vol.2 Life Behind Bars
DJ Vow - The Animated Mixtape
DJ Vow - The March MixDown
DJ Vow Presents - Moses Uvere Straight Classic Mixtape Vol. 1
DJ Wade O & Oppose Present - The Essentials
DJ Wade O & Pro - My Name Is Pro (The Introduction)
DJ WADE-O & ReadyWriter - Poetic Freedom Mixtape
DJ Will Presents (Mali Music - The come up mixtape)
DJ Will Presents - HBH Radio Worldwide Core DJs Retreat Mixtape **NEW (5/13)**
DJ XDC - Presents DFW Unites The Mixtape (a Sampling of DF DubYahs Finest)
Dj XDC - Presents Live As It Gets... (When You Rock N Roll Mixtape)
Dj XDC - Presents Rest In Pieces Auto-Tune Mixtape
DJ XDC - Save Darfur Now compilation Promo Mixtape
DJ XDC Presents Much Luvv Records - Now & Then Chopped & Screwed by DJ Primo
Doble Filo
Doble Filo 2
Don - The Daily Bread Mixtape Vol. 1
Don't Be Pimped Music Vol. 2 - Street Slappage
Don't Be Pimped Music Vol. 3 (Turf) - Traditionz
Don't Be Pimped Music Vol. 4 - The Bail Out
DOUBLE - P.O.L.O 2.0
Double - P.O.L.O. Mixtape
Dre Marshall & Mahogany Jones - Before Self Destruction
Dre Murray - The X-Files LP
Drew - Christian Swag Squared
Du2ce - JC Saved Me Mixtape Vol. 1
Dunamis Records Presents - Christian Mixtape Series
Dunamis Records Presents - Iron Shapeens Iron Vol.1
Dunamis Records Presents - Iron Shapeens Iron Vol.2
E Cross - The Message Mixtape Vol 1
E Hood -Da Conception
E Pistle - I Got It For Free
E Pistle - I GOT IT FOR FREE Remix
E-Tizz - Sound Of My Soul
Ecclesi - Push The Red Button (Tha Mixtape)
Eric C. - The Tempa Tantrum 20 minute track Mix Tape Entitled-Coming Soon 2010 H.O.G.M.O.B **NEW (4/21)**
Eshon Burgundy - Blood Bought
Eshon Burgundy - Fire Escape
Eshon Burgundy - Schooley High mixtape
Eshon Burgundy - Street Corner Store Mixtape Volume II
Eternal Blaze - Bak 2 Birth
Eternal Blaze - Holy Music
Eternal Blaze - Second Time Around
Eternal Blaze - Speak Life Mixtape
Eternal Blaze - The Return
Evangelist International - Gospel Bounce '04
Everyday Process -Truth or Lie
Exo and UMG Presents - The Prophetic Dreams Mixtape
Expose - Tha Light From The Dark Comes The Light
Eye.Am Productions - Presents The BREAX
J Johnson (no excuses)
J Martyr - The Arrival Mixtape
J-Dub Crunk - Stop, Look, and Listen
J. Griff - Authentic Rhymes Mixtape **NEW (4/21)**
J.A.Z - The Reach Mixtape Vol 2
J.A.Z. - Classic Throwback 1
J.A.Z. - Classic Throwback 2
J.A.Z. - Classic Throwback 3
J.A.Z. - My Life
J.A.Z. - The Gideon Syndrome mixtape
Jacob Izrael - The Glitch
Jae Life - Weird 2 the World
Jae Life- I still got it
JaeLife & Dadeuce - Rap Moses & Aaron the Leader Mixtape
Jaelife - Eight Tracks 2 IPods
Jaelife - So Far Saved
Jaims - Elevation **NEW (4/24)**
Japhia Life - Tha Finals Street Mixtape Volume 3
Japhia Life - The Prelude To ARMageddon Volume 2
JB Real
JB Real - The Front Runners Mixtape
Jehovah Be Lovely - I Smack Da Devil Mixtape
Jehovah's Boy - PA In The Atmosphere Mixtape
Jeremiah Bonds - Customer Developement
Jerrell Johnson - Peanut Butter & Jealousy Mixtape **NEW (5/13)**
Jin (The Emcee) - Say Something (Mixtape) **NEW (5/14)**
JMartyr - Back From The Future - Mixtape **NEW (5/13)**
JMartyr - Freestyle Fever **NEW (5/13)**
John R - One Nation Under God
JoKodak - Ur grandma's favorite rapper
Judah Man & COG - 99 And 1 Mixtape
Judahman - Never too Late
Jupiter 7 - RockSteady
Just C - Early Stuff **NEW (*fixed link* 5/10)**
Just C - Just C Mixtape **NEW (*fixed link* 5/10)**
JusThoughtZ - 4th Quarter
JustWORD - theTransfiguration
k.TWO - Farewell Letters Mixtape
K.U.F.F. Da' Gospel DJ - DA' NEW JOURNEY
K.U.F.F. DA' GOSPEL DJ - Dunamis 2009 Vol 1
Kaboose - Bits & Pieces Mixtape
Kadence & I Squared - The Secret Service Mixtape
Kaleb Starr & DJ I Rock Jesus - Heartmusic Chronicles Vol. 1
KamBINO - The Preface II (Before I Reach the Mixtape)
Karl Nova - Deleted Scenes Mixtape
Katalyst - Legacy Mixtape Vol. 1
Kingdom Link - Mixtape Volume 1 **NEW (4/21)**
KJ-52 & GoldinChild - Sons Of Intellect
KJ-52 - KJ Can't Rap Mixtape **NEW (5/10)**
KJ-52 - Pass That Mic (Songs You Never Heard Mixtape)
KJ-52 - The Missing Pages (Remix The Remix Mixtape)
KJ-52 - The Missing Pages (Remix The Remix) (Acapellas)
KJ-52 - The Missing Pages (Remix The Remix) (Instrumentals)
KJ-52 - The Office (52 Television Prequel Mixtape)
KJ52 - Board II Mixtape
KJ52 - Stuck in the 80's Mashup Mixtape
KMY - Walking Mixtape
Knine - Robots Have Feelings Too
Knine Mixtape
L.O.S. - The Legion **NEW (4/21)**
La Familia Muzik - The United Vision Mixtape
La Familia Muzik - United Vision Mixtape Vol. 2
Lamp Mode Presents - Grassroots Vol.2
Lavoisier - The Rap Terrorist Mixtape
Lavyss Aka Bizzle - The Messenger
Lecrae - Da King
Legal Alien - While I Was Away EP **NEW (4/21)**
Levallois & SM Souljah - Bleeding Pen Syndrome Mixtape
Life Music Presents Christina Faith - Rehab
Life Music Presents Phien - Detox
Lil Cray Z - Extraordinar Mixtape
Lingo - Texas Chroniclez Mixtape Vol. 2
Logic da beatman - Soul food Vol. 1 (the appetizer)
LogosRhema - Plus Minus
logosRHEMA - The Invasion (Phase One)
Lord Have Mercy - The Free Lunch Mixtape
Luewis Valdez - Requim 4 A Dream Mixtape
Lunie 380 & Semaj - Yung Saved N Dangerous
Lunie 380 & Semaj Present - Unshaken (Tribute to Haiti LP)
Lunie 380 - Doin My Job
Lunie 380 - The Genocide EP
Lunie 3:80 Presents - S.O.A.K.(SONS OF A KING)
Lunie 3:80 Presents - The G.O.D. Gang Mixtape Vol. 1
M.A.J.O.R.S. - Da Appertizer (Settin The Streetz On Fiyah)
Mack Dawg - The Testimony
Mahogany Jones & Dre Marshall - Before Self Destruction
Malachi - Redemption
Mali Music - The Come Up Mixtape
Mark Daniel - I Got Next
Mark Daniel - The demo tape
Marko Lodrigueza - Kalakris
MaxOne - Multi-Tasking
MC SE7EN - Legally ANSANE Mixtape
Mic The Voice - Equipped 4 Service **NEW (5/8)**
Midnyte Sun - 11 59 PM 1 Minute B4 Midnyte
MightyMo - Life Around
Mike Beats - Euphonic Roots Instrumental Album
Mike Dream's - Dreamer's Poetry
Mike O - New Believer
Milley Boy - Watch Me do it Mixtape
Milliyon - Communication 101 Mixtape
Milliyon - The Prototype Mixtape
Minister RMB - When The Storm Comes
Mister ABE - Fire Shutup E.P.
Mister ABE - Life Eternally
Mister ABE - Pursue Life Get Christ
Mister ABE - Reality Check
Mister ABE - The Movement
Mister ABE - The Victory E.P.
Mister ABE - Unrealeased And Uncut
Mister ABE - War Praise E.P.
MKO - Peace, Faith & Hope
Monte & Chinko - Prophets Without Honor
Monte - 1 minute 2 pray
Motion Plus - The Fun With Motion Plus Mixtape
Mouthpi3ce - Lost and Found
Mouthpiece - 10 Years Later Album
Mouthpiece - The Ingenius
Mouthpiece - The Perfect Mixtape
Movement Of Truth - Hollywood Letter
Mr John Duncan & DJ Mixstyles - No Stone Unturned
Mr John Duncan - Christ Like Mixtape
Mr. D Note - Top Back
Mr. Holy High (Blind Guides)
Mr. J. Medeiros - The Art Of Broken Glass EP
Music Unlocked Mixtape
Mynista - Bloody Streets 1&2 The Mixtape
Mynista - Preparation
Myrage - Misconceptions Mixtape
Paradox (of VBR) - Called To Mind
PeeDee - Back 2 Bible College Mixtape **NEW (5/3)**
Pensmoke Music Presents - Giftshooterz Mixtape
PETTIDEE - The Lost Mixtapes Found (by J Mumbles)
PF Allstar Music Presents - All In A Days Work
Phien - Detox
Phien - Diary of a Soldier
Phorgiv'n - Phorgiv'n The Mixtape
Poetic Soulja - Salvation's Army
Prafit Josiah - Like Me
Praverb _ The Gospel is Free Mixtape
Prayin Child Music Presents - Cross and the Crown
Priest - Who is Priest
Prime Minister - The Legendary Prime Minister
Pro & DJ Wade O - My Name Is Pro (The Introduction)
Pro - Jackin for hits
Pro - The Blackout Accapellas
Pro - The Blackout Instrumentals
Pro - The PSA Mixtape
Pro-Verbz - Employed By GOD
Prodigal Son - Welcome to HOLYwood
Propaganda - The Sketchbook
Proverbalist - Out Of Season Vol 1 Mixtape
Puntin The Prodigal Son - Mixtape Vol. 1
R2DJ - Genesis Mixtape
Ramz the Dawn MC - Pure Energy Vol 9
Rap Fest Presents
Rap Fest Presents - Vol. 2
Rap Moses & Aaron The Leader Mixtape
Rapzilla compilation volume 1
Rare Jewelz - King's Pawn
ReadyWriter ft. DJ WADE-O - Poetic Freedom Mixtape
Realigious Records Presents - The Bloodline Project **NEW (5/13)**
Realistikk - Real Talk Mixtape 1
Reality - Glimps of Reality
Reality - More Than Music
Reality - Rolling Thunder
RealLyfe - First Class Life
Reason - God's Armor
Reason Disciple - R.A.P. Music (Rhythm And Poetry)
Red Ink Army - Crown Of Thorns
Redd Lettaz (+various artists) - Songz in tha Key of Christ Mixtape
Redd Lettaz - Messiahz Mystro Vol 1
Reflect - The Waves Mixtape
Reformation Records Presents - Rise Up Vol. 1
Reveal - God Choosez The Foolish
Rey King - Black Friday Mixtape (Hosted by Ladii G)
Rezurekted - Soldiers Mixtape
Rhema Soul - Dope Beat & Good News [The EP]
Richy D - The Exposure Promo
Ricky Gentile - Rough Transition
Rob Hodge - Feels Good To Be Home
Rod Jackson - Speaklife
Royal Order
Ruslan (of theBREAX) Right Out Loud
S.O.M - Real Talk Vol 1 (Mixtape)
SA Mixtapes Present - Royal Emcees (A Star Studded Affair) **NEW (5/14)**
Sacred Apparel Presents - Smooth it out Compilation
Sacred Apparel Presents - The Witnesses
Sacred Apparel Presents It's All About The Blood Mixtape
Sacred Apparel Presents: The Sequel
Sacred Apparel Presents: The Silversmith Mixtape
Sacred Apparel Presents: Wealth or Wrath Compilation
Sacred Apparel Presents: With Yahweh Mission Possible - Da Kut'up (disk 1)
Sacred Apparel Presents: With Yahweh Mission Possible - Da Mixx Blend (disk 2)
SaeLah - The LightHouse LP
SaeLah Poeht-Suroh - The LightHouse
Sakryfyce - Sakryfyce Ya Lyfe Mixtape Vol 1
Sakryfyce - Sakryfyce Ya LYFE Mixtape Vol 2
Sakryfyce - Sakryfyce Ya LYFE Mixtape Vol 3 (Foreign Exchange)
Sakryfyce - Sakryfyce Ya LYFE Mixtape Vol. 4 (FyceVybe-Lost Filez)
Samuel Abraham - A Victory Position (Tomi G.u.n.n.)
Scott Free & DJ Sean Blu - Thru The Fire Mixtape
Scout Da Psalmist - Emceeing Again
Scribbling Idiots - Idiomatic Volume 1
seanISrael - Block Music
Seize Takeback Vol.2
Semaj & Lunie 380 Present - Unshaken (Tribute to Haiti LP)
Sev Statik - Sliver LP
Sev Statik - Slow Burn
Shane Kidd - Student of Life (The Prelude)
Sheep Music - God is not dead the mixtape vol 1
Shine - Shine
Sho Baracka - Barakaology
Shonda AKA Fearless - Generation Kingdom
SkiLL - Born 2 Times
SM Souljah & Levallois - Bleeding Pen Syndrome Mixtape
SM Souljah - Tha Overflow Mixtape
SM Souljah - The Overflow Mixtape Vol. 1
Son - The Rising Of The Son Vol 1
Son - The Rising Of The Son Vol 2 Still I Rise
Son - The Rising Of The Son Vol 3 The Zenith
Son-Shyne - Self Titled
Sonshine - The Great Commision 2
Sonshine -The Great Commission
Soulfficial - Forever Is Ours
Spit Unity - Lights On Mixtape
Spit Unity - Spit Unity Tha Mixtape
Street B.A.S.S. Vol. 1 (Block Attitude Still Spiritual)
Street Pastor (Working Overtime)
Street Pastor - Prince Among Thieves Ses. 1
Street Pastor and KAMB.I.N.O - They Should Panic
Street Pastor Presents - Slingshot (We are the Movement) Vol. 1
StreetLife - The Official StreetLife Snips
Sunrise - BALIVA
SYD - Pressure
T Haddy - Hood Gospel Vol 1
T Haddy - Hood Gospel Vol 2
T Haddy - T Haddy Vs. T Pain
T Wrecks - Freestyle Mixtape Disc 1
T Wrecks - Freestyle Mixtape Disc 2
T Wrecks - Freestyle Mixtape Disc 3
T Wrecks - Freestyle Mixtrape Disc 4
T Wrecks - Tha Demon Killa Mixtape
T Wrecks -Tha Beat Of Jesus Tha Album (With Bonus Track)
T-Haddy - Mic Check (Michael Jackson Dedication Mixtape)
Take No Glory - Wake me up
Teddy P - My Life Complete
Terrell King Presents - The Dream Chaserz Mixtape Vol.1
Tha GIM - 32 Barz A Beat
Tha GIM - HYBRID Mixtape Sessions Volume 1 feat. DJ one3
The Custodians - My Organs Are Yours
The Emancipated Mimes - 1 Tishri (The beginning)
The Emancipated Mimes - Bonus (Old Stuff)
The Empire & JL - Santiago Da Headbusta
The Exodus Movement - The Plague Mixtape
The Gathering - Obedient Dirt Mixtape Series Vol. 1
The Kingdom Affiiates Record Pool Presents - Spring 2010 Compilation Mixtape (Hosted by DJ I Rock Jesus)
The KnowNauts - Nauts Landing EP Revisited
The Others In Christ - Rock City Stand Down
The Plumbline Collective & iSix 5 Present - SONGS OF THE REDEEMED
The Plumbline Collective - Semper Reformanda Volume 2 **NEW (5/13)**
The Standard Presents - More than a Mixtape Vol.1
The Warriors - In The Beginning Was the Mixtape
The Warriors Mixtape
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Turf (Don't Be Pimped Music Vol. 3) - Traditionz
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Yah-Shir Nechama
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